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It is the middle of the night and i walk into my kitchen and what do i see...leeches! At first i noticed they were coming out under the dishwasher(they left a trail), now i see them under the stove! What i do is throw salt on them and it kills them. But i have no idea how to get rid of all the leeches that must be lurking under the appliances. I have children who sometimes are up before me looking for food in the kitchen, is the slime that the leeches leave behind bad for our health if we step on it? Is having leeches in the house bad for our health?


You are seeing slugs, snails without shells. They are attracted to a chronic moisture content of wood, probably plywood, that is endlessly moist from water seeping from the hoses of the dishwasher.

When you apply salt to the area where the slugs are moving about, you are causing the critters to lose water, since salt will draw moisture out of these slugs. Call this phenomenon osmosis; water moving from a greater concentration through a semi-permeable membrane(the slug's body content) to the outer salt(lesser water content).

It would seem that your dishwasher is in an area easily accessible by slugs that are attracted to the chronic humid environment.

George Manning
Consulting Entomologist

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