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King Sago Palms

No pest Hi George :

My King Sago Palms are having a really really bad hair day !  On the underside of every leaf are white spots.  When the new growth starts , the prawns start out beautifully then quickly turn brown and shrivel up.

The palms are about 7 years old and this problem started about 1 1/2 year ago.  Not only the ones in my yard but pretty much all over the beach.  I live in Atlantic Beach , North Carolina.

Please help.........tell me what to do.  Maybe wrong , but i have already cut ALL the prawns/leaves off of about 4 of them , i have 6 more.  Just found your site.

Thank you so much for taking your time to help me.




Sago Palms are subject to homopterous pests such as scale insects which have recently been introduced into our country. Very early in the leaf development, you can apply an emulsion of detergent type soap.  You can add an oil of orange solution. 

Once the scales are established no scraping will help significantly.

I'd like you to apply a new product that is not at all phytotoxic but will work on the surface of the insects to destroy their protective exterior.  Look them up on the website  We are testing this product in many situations.  Please address your inquiry to Rick Moskovitz, and tell him that I encouraged you to try this product.

As a consulting entomologist, I am reached by many people who have ideas that may show value in combating pest problems such as yours.

I'd like you to engage Rick in your quest for a solution.  I'll be able to work with you through him.

The idea is to attack the factors that cause rapid destruction of the total plant.  Fusarium is able to enter the palm via the root injuries caused by the cycad scale, an insect that is vulnerable while it crawls upon the palm, but soon forms the protective scale that you are witnessing.  If the fungicide enters the palm, the palm will expire quite rapidly.  Once effected by the fusarium organism you should immediately apply Captan, a fungicide to the root system and to the fronds.  As a total treatment, spray the entire plant with Rick's product at the scale stage or even earlier.

Best wishes Pace,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist


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