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huge mouse terds

I have been finding what looks like huge mouse terds with white on one end around the edges of my living room, front door, and bottom of closet by the door. Are these cacoons of some insect or snake or other rodent poo?

as you have described the scat (feces), I an having difficulty answering your question,"Are these raccoons or a snake or other rodent poo"? Please answer the following questions so that I might better be able to help you solve your mysterious visitor problem:

1) What length is the scat?
2) How wide is the scat?
3) Is the scat pointed at one or both ends?
4) Do you see spots such as seeds in the scat?
5) Is the scat blunt at one or both ends?
6) Are these droppings smooth or appearing roughened on the surface?
7) By your question, I presume the scat is not round; correct?
8) Does this scat contain hair clinging to the surface?

Generally, you can divide scat into three classes; herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore. Examples of these are as follows:

1) herbivore/rabbit, deer/round or somewhat flattened and still roundish.
2) carnivore/fox/tapered at both ends, containing clinging hair, usually dark.
3) omnivore/raccoon, squirrel/ blunt at both ends, can be spotted in the case of raccoons.

Best regards,

George Manning
Consulting Entomologist


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