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Children and pest control

children and pest control

Should 20 month old babies be in the home while pest control in there treating the home?

Pesticides are defined by their labels, and, MSDS sheets are part and parcel of each pesticide by EPA requirement.  It is the duty of any pest professional to deliver the safety parameters to a client. 

Most home use pesticides can be used safely where there are crawling age children and older.  It is where children are confined to a crib or playpen that a more elevated caution is important.  Where liquid sprays are to be used, a drying time is an absolute and until dry,  children and pets should not be in the area of the application or during service.  Aerosols should not be used in the presence of occupants during their release.  Powders and dust applications should not appear on surfaces.  They are to be used in voids, cracks and crevices. 

Products with caution labels can be purchased by the home owner.  Warning labels are not to be self administered by non-licensed persons, unless they are working under the direct supervision of a licensed pest control technician.

I hope that I have been helpful.

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Chicago Pest Control

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