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droppings identification

Droppings identification

I recently found droppings in the middle of my dining room floor that were a swirl-like shape of about 3/4 - inch wide. There was also what appeared to be dried urine in the same location. Can mice have diarrhea or loose stools? That's what it looked like. What type of animal left this? I am very perplexed. After finding this, we set two mouse traps but have not captured anything yet. Thanks for any insight you can shed on this situation, George.




This is indeed mysterious. 3/4 inch wide loose droppings/pre-diarrhea, in the middle of the dining room plus urine stains.

Carnivores will often leave a soft dropping that will be pointed at either end. The coloration will be dark, and when fresh, may appear shiny. the width that you describe does not seem like rats. What about a feral cat that entered the home? Raccoon droppings would be wide and blunt at the ends. Indoor cats, feeding on cat food, would have blunted ends as would dogs. The addition of meats would give a more pointed stool. As to urine stain, the odor from different animals would vary.

I assume this is a single occurrence. If so, check the entire building for entry points. possibly clinging hair to a pass-through. Foot prints could be seen on a dusty surface; for that matter, use corn starch as an indicator where an animal would likely wander or enter.

Please keep in touch with me on this situation. I, too, am interested in learning what you will discover.

Best wishes Jodi,

George Manning
Consulting Entomologist


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