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Feces around Patio

feces found on patio

About every 3-4 days I find feces about the size around as a wooden pencil and 1 - 1 1/2 long.  It is dark brown and my beagle loves to eat it.


Feces varying in length, diameter usually consistent, and, for the most part, shiny surface, could be possum.

Opossum are mostly vegetarian; they'll eat meat also.  Fecal matter will take on coloration and texture from their diet.

A product known as Shake-Away can be effective in keeping possum off your property.

It sounds as if you have these creatures around.  They will stay in the neighborhood, and co-exist with your animals.  They will become confrontational if attacked by your dog.

Look for hiding places in crawl spaces, sheds, and garage(possibly a garage loft).

Trapping will work by setting a live trap, and hanging a carrot or turnip above the trigger release; keeping the bait remote from possible contact by the possum from the exterior of the trap.

Jimmie Please contact me again if you require further assistance.

I'm sorry for the delayed answer.  Usually I get back to people immediately----lots happening lately.

Best wishes,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Chicago Pest Control and Exterminator


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