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green tree frogs

Subject: green tree frogs Question: We have green tree frogs which get on our window sills outside and leave black droppings on the sills. They crawl on the windows at night. Any suggestions or chemicals that can be put on the windows to eliminate this problem? Thank you for your answer. Answer: Paint the subjective window sills with an epoxy paint of your choice. Allow the surface to dry to a hard surface. Make sure that the sides of these sills are also painted. Following this, cover the surfaces with a smooth coat of Vaseline. Two things will happen. The frogs will not like the Vaseline on their feet, and they will not easily be able to maneuver on the surfaces. Also, your windows will not be stained by the frog droppings. I cannot think of something else at this time. Let me know. Best of success David, George Manning Consulting Entomologist Pest Control Chicago


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