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1st) grubs--what natural remidies work. We have a well & I don't want to contaminate it. When do I apply it. Grubs are in various larvea stage now. Live in NH.

2nd) Ants-- again natural rx. They seem to be along the SE of home & come in to our kitchen.

3rd) How can I keep my cabbage, broccoli & tomatoes free from infestation this yr? Do nets help or make things worse?
Thanks for your help.


There are no natural insecticides such as bacterial or fungal products that have proven successful on white grubs.  when using such methods, the success ratio does not make enough impact to attempt such control. Milkie Disease Spore dust has been proven ineffective. 

Other natural predators, skunks, moles, starlings, grackles, and wasps will impact but you don't want their nuisance presence either.  The exception being parasite wasps of the Scolia genus, which are harmless, and if plentiful, can be a help.

My recommendation is that you purchase a product known as Merit containing imidaclopred, which is a member of a newer group of organic insecticides known as neonicotinoids.  I have no knowledge of detrimental effects on human or animal as concerns systemic carry over to consumption of vegetables.  I would not advise use of this product to kill grubs directly in a vegetable garden.  I do not believe that well contamination is an issue; however, I would check with the supplier that you will contact.  I contacted Bayer, the manufacturer, who told me that there is no restriction for use adjacent to a well because of the low concentration of the formula as used per mixing instructions on the label.

You can use Merit on your lawn and non-food growing areas.  If you do this and you spray for the adult beetles that will emerge in late June and July, and treat the lawn again in late August and September,
you will be eroding the population that is building up annually.  With planning, you will be able to have much success.

As regards ants; area treatments can be done using a product known as DeltaGard.  This product has a broad label and can be extremely helpful in garden applications.

As concerns ants in the home at this time of year; most species will be attracted to protein baits at this time of year, and towards September, be attracted to sweet baits.  The product known as Advance Granular Ant Bait will work now.  Later Drax or Gourmet gel baits in August and later.  You objective is to kill off a colony.  Insecticides will kill the foragers but will not usually destroy a colony.  Larger granules of Advance for carpenter ants are also available.

Go to our website and contact our supplier if you do not have access to a local supplier.

Best Regards,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Pest Control Chicago

Exterminator Chicago


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