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tiny white worms on young shummard oak

tiny white worms on young shummard oak in TXHouston,

Last summer we had a 60 gal shummard oak planted (Houston, TX).  This summer it has a weeping swollen wound on the trunk (2 weeks) Now I notice tiny (1/4 inch) white worms/larvae.  I also notice many small dry wounds on different area of the trunk. Today I poured some permethrium mixed with water on the trunk on the lower half of the tree. The tree looks healthy otherwise.  Any ideas as to what the pests might be and proper treatment? Thanks.


There are so many insect invaders of oak trees, some more specific to red and shummard oaks.

Gypsy moth has defoliated at least a million acres of forest trees per year.  Look up Gypsy moth on google or yahoo for visual identification.

Are your tree's leaves looking different than usual; yellowing or smaller than usual or with varying sizes of mature leaves?

Insects can deliver certain diseases to a tree.  If infestations are great, the tree can struggle, and leaves will show variations in appearance.

Fungus that attacks the root system of trees that have had several years of insect damage can be weakened to a point that they become susceptible to wilt, a blight that can destroy a tree.

Cankers(lesions)in cambium are a result of root rot diseases brought on by fungi attacks that effect the tree's cambium.

I'd like more detail from you. The canker issue could be specific to your area.  The larvae that you describe, if moth larvae, could be Gypsies, which will often deliver diseases such as rot plus resulting symptoms such as bleeding plus, of course, defoliation as the season progresses.

Study you tree, give me a detailed description of the insect life that you see.

Let me hear from you again.  Sorry for the delay, I get swamped with work at this time of year Diana.

Regards, and best wishes

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Chicago Pest Control and exterminator

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