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Tree Gall

Hi, found these little "pods" all around under our ash (I think) tree. Broke a green one open to find many tiny white larvae. Many leaves also have holes chewed through them, I don't know if it is the same problem. Thanks for any leads you can give! Answer The nipple-like gall on the leaves could be from several insect sources. I think it could be the Ash Bullet Gall Midge, I am not certain. The leaf curl could be caused by a leaf curl aphid. I would have to see the insects within the curled leaf to give you a definite answer. There are many causes for both leaf curl and for gall production. In the gall formation, the leaf tissue is effected by hormonal stimulation, either from a deposited egg within the parenchyma cell or by larval feeding upon the parenchyma cells. Unless a specific identification takes place, I will only be responding in general. Sending specimens always improves my ability to zone in to a specific causing agent. The tree will not be harmed by these invaders. This type of superficial damage will vary from year to year. I hope I've been somewhat helpful.



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