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Worm-Like Growth on Walls


Worm-Like Growth on Walls

From my dog after bath.

I recently noticed a poor cover-up job on an exterior wall that had paint over duct tape. The duct tape split and worm-like growth is happening. The weird thing is, they resemble the sample that are also from my skin.  Is this a fungus issue? Or?

My dogs and I are being attacked by something, and both vets and dermatologists can't figure out what.

Exterior Wall Growth

Duct tape under paint that split 3 months ago. Growth looks like worms.


Dear Kristine:

I'd like to help you.  The photo sent to me is probably good enough but leaves me guessing what could relate to you and pets that might be associated with the wall covering depicted as wall growth.

Might not these two issues be unrelated in that you and pets are experiencing another phenomenon?

Please describe your home's humidity or lack thereof.  Do you have a basement?  Is it dry or is it humid?  What type of heating system is used?  Where do you live?

All this and more detail regarding your dermal condition and that of the pets may help.  You may send me pictures of problem skin areas.
I look forward to hearing from you again.


George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi. At first I thought we had demodex. But Ivermectin didn't help me or the dogs. Permethrin, however, seem to help. I've been to the dermatologist many times and the vet many times.  They say nothing is wrong... But we are experiencing biting/itching issues. We are always tired. Dogs seem sick all the time.  The weird thing is... I see fuzzy cocoon-like things from dogs. And it seems whatever it is takes over organic matter? Here is an image of something from the dog I thought odd. It looks like a worm in the interior of a plant matter? 
Kristine, thanks for your follow-up:

When we are wrestling with a question that seeks an answer, and when specifics are not readily available, we reach a point of frustration because specificity is still wanting.

The photo attached, seems to be a weed seed pod of some sort.  It does not immediately point to your concern.

Have you looked into internal environmental possibilities?  What about extreme dryness?  Could a humidifier help your situation.  Sometimes the house ecosystem could be reviewed by an expert.

You mention that Permethrin has helped for a short spell.  Ivermectin as a system was developed as a systemic for river blindness which was found frequently where people did all their functions in nearby rivers.  Apparently, the irritation the dogs are experiencing is not addressed by this drug.

Permethrin is an excellent pyrethroid used as a general insecticide.  this too, may be off the mark.

Dog itch could be helped by an application of a thin layer of Bactraban.

Write me again if you think that I may be of some assistance.

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