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Worms in Bath


Worms in the Bath

I have seen a worm in my bathroom yesterday night. It tries to hide in dark places and walks very fast. Could you tell me what is it and how harmful is it? What can I do to get rid of this?


Hello Mourina,

You are welcome to send me a specimen, or take a digital picture and e-mail it to my address posted below.  

Have you seen small moths flying in your home from time to time?
These may be adults of (worm) larva that you see in the bathroom.  You may be seeing silverfish, which can appear somewhat wormlike.  I'd be glad to help, but I don't have enough information yet.  

Google Indian meal moth, and also silverfish, and let me know if either of these look like what you see.


George Manning

Consulting Entomologist
---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Hi George,

It is not Indian meal moth or silverfish Google image). Its black in color and cannot fly. Its walks very fast and comes out only in the dark. It has got numerous legs. I googled images of many insects, moth, mites and worms. But could not find for it.

Hi again--

Mourina, you may be seeing millipedes or possibly garden centipedes as opposed to household centipedes.

Look up these creatures, and let me know.  If you will send me a specimen to my office at 9138 S. Baltimore, Chicago, IL 60617, I'll be able to identify it.  If you wish to place one of these unknowns scotch-taped to a sheet of paper, you can take a picture and e-mail it to me at

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