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worms i need help! my gueser was replaced a few months ago and since then iv had a few occasions where worms are in my bath water. they are black and seem to have hair on them. they are small and thin and tend to swim in the water. i cant identify if they are coming from the hot or cold tap...could they be rat tailed maggots? how do i get rid of them?? A small fly may be seen too. It has wings that fold in a tent-like fashion giving the appearance of a triangular shape when you see the fly resting on a wall. the larvae do swim, and are found in slime mold growth within shower and bathtub drains as well as catch basins, P-traps and other places where this mold will grow. There are mold inhibiting products on the market such as DF5000, which you can purchase at hardware stores and home supply stores such as Home Depot, and Menard's. If you look at my recent answers, you will find a more detailed response. If you do not locate past answers, or, if I have not answered correctly, please contact me again. Best wishes Judy, George Manning Consulting Entomologist Pest Control Chicago


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