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Worms In Shower Drain

Expanded Question:

Hello George,
We own a 4 family home and live in one of the lower apartments.  I noticed what looked like maggots at first under a wash cloth, then my boyfriend took a hanger and started digging out the drain, there where more of these worm like pests but the had a reddish tint to them.  I believe he said they were either hairy or had little legs.   I'm so grossed out, I don't even want to get in the shower. Could these be throughout our whole drainage system through all the apartments?  I'm freaked out.  How do we get rid of this problem.  Thank you for taking the time to answer these types of questions.  I hope you can help.  God bless you.


Jennifer, I neglected to give you the website , where you can find answers to many questions.    I enjoy answering questions, and eagerly place them on our own site.  Questions are valuable.  I cannot think up all the questions that the public may ask.

You will find a link to a supplier on our site.

I return your God Blessed wishes in kind,

George Manning

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