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Rat survey program

Greetings Andy--- Thanks for your inquiry. A rat survey program requires that we walk through a city block inspecting yards, alley, sidewalks and streets that enfold a city block. Details uncovered regarding rat movement, will show specific activity; point to infrastructural, or lateral surface movement of local rat activity, specific to the subject block. Often, we will note that rats are surfacing from within the private sewers which connect to the municipal system. Our function, through a survey, is to supply quarterly reports to a core group of property owners so they can export the reports to the greater body of property owners as well as their aldermanic offices. We feel that reports coming from expert testimony will work to effect a better cooperation from municipal services, and from the private owner sector. We do rat elimination work. Those who choose, will find that our correction work is complete and all-encompassing. The information gained from our quarterly evaluations becomes extremely valuable to property owners.

This type of work is handicapped by those residents who do not wish to participate in this group effort.  We do not want to project a negative view of this kind of project.  We find that eventually additional neighbors wish to embrace this block overview.

It's all about education combined with a degree of patience.  We know that we have the expertise to lead a block to a point where they see the results from a coordinated effort such as ours.

Nothing is achieved by relying completely upon city municipal services.  The leadership from private sector experts will make all the difference.

Best regards, George Manning, Consulting Entomologist

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