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Mouse droppings in attic

Here is an interesting question about mice and mouse droppings

Mouse droppings in attic

My husband found some mouse droppings in the attic.  A little on and a little under insulation.  We basically haven't touched it and I don't know if it's better to leave it alone or to clean it up.  I'm not sure what health risks are associated with it.  Also, if it should be cleaned up, how do we go about it?  Does the insulation have to be removed?  Should we do a full inspection under and all insulation?  Just so you know, we do have an attic fan and soffit lighting which is covered by the insulation.  I appreciate your response and help.


Mice travel to the attic via the pipe enclosure that contains soil stack and other building mechanicals.  Of course, they can also climb ivy to the attic level from the building' exterior.

The mice will travel up and down along these hidden routes, feeding in garbage, below stove grills where grease and food particles drop, pet food left chronically for the pet, etc.

Mice would not be able to build population of size without having a steady food supply.

I would not bother with the existing droppings that you cannot reach; certainly not going to the great lengths of insulation removal.

Once the feces is dry and out of your daily activity areas, don't go to the expense of remediation.  Rather, place your dollars on mouse proofing the house and placing emphasis on exterior mouse control.

If you need further direction, I'd be glad to guide you.

Best wishes,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Chicago Pest Control and Exterminator

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