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Mouse control services

Initial Visit- Baiting/inspection

With this visit, our specialist will inspect your home (both inside and outside) to determine where the points of entry exsist. Mice will be able to re-enter a home until these locations are closed. Our technician will point out the mouse egress locations and present you with a written report. Finally our office will provide you with an estimate for  MOUSE PROOFING SERVICES.  Of course, you will also be well informed as to making the necessary repairs yourself. 

We will also be using rodenticides. Our procedures differ from that of most of our industry's because we place our bait in totally inaccessible locations- generally in hidden areas (within walls, under kitchen cabinetry, within floors and ceilings, etc.).  When we do use bait stations we employ techniques unique to our industry. Our foremost concern is the safety of your children and pets, so we take a great deal of care in our application of baits.  

What next?...

In most cases, one application of baits is sufficient to eliminate your mouse issue for the current season.  But in certain instances a follow visit in 30 days will be required to give you relief. After this second visit we will provide you with a 90 day warranty.  Keep in mind that mice will continue to be able to re-infest your home until these openings are closed off permanently, so next year you may require another visit.

MOUSE PROOFING SERVICES provide you with a permanent solution. After the initial inspection our office will get the report from the field technician and provide you with a price for the cost of the mouse proofing.  With this service you will get a permanent close out of all your openings by our trained mouse proofing crew. This crew cannot afford to be wrong, because we warranty our work for one full year. The materials we use never employ spray foam insulation or steel wool like our competitors. Using these substandard materials will greatly reduce the effectiveness and longevity of the exclusion process.

Using American Pest Solutions will provide analysis as to where problems are coming from.  Furthermore, a 1 year warranty is provided with our mouse proofing services.

By using most pest control services-there would be little explained as to how mice are entering your home. More than likely bait stations will be placed throughout your house. This methodology is not always effective because mice must enter the bait stations through visible locations, which are generally subject to being moved, lost or at worse, tampered with.   Children and pets can open these bait stations as well.

We have multiple customers that have come to us for help after getting no results from our competition.  We were recently featured in the Chicago Tribune for our mouse proofing efforts. Please click on the link to read the article. 

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