Integrated Pest Management

IPM is not something new to American Pest Solutions.  Recently, American  instituted a new IPM program at several of the city's better known private nursery schools.  This IPM program follows the guidelines instituted by the Illinois Dept. of Health for pre-schools.  For example, American Pest Solutions solved a significant mouse infestation at one such school;  providing instructions for alterations that to date have prevented a recurrence of that problem.

A distinctive feature of IPM is the effort to reduce attractive niches that attract pests.  At the same time steps are taken to improve inspection techniques in order to confront new situations that could appear; for example, crickets, ants, and large roach specie that emanate from the sewer.

American Pest Solutions has serviced an  unnamed museum for over 15 years, adhering to their strict policies.  The unnamed museum had experienced a serious exterior grounds problem with rats and mice prior to calling. American Eagle opted to install specially built bait stations that were both aesthetically appealing and at the same time inaccessible to rabbit and squirrel. The unnamed Museum requires that methods used be tailored to their strict policy against any harm to wildlife, with the exception of target specie, mice and rats,  that habitually frequent areas close to the lakefront.

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