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Our founder, George Manning is an Entomologist, so he makes sure his staff is among the most knowledgeable in our industry.  We don’t just spray like others do; diagnostics always precede any action undertaken.  When possible, our work is done with the least chemically invasive products, now coined “green products”.

Many conditions where invertebrates( insects, and other arthropods) reach the dwelling, can be avoided by using advance techniques.  For example,  Ladybugs(Asian beetles) look for winter harbourage in protected places such as within the home’s exterior walls.  By applying the appropriate pesticide to the South and West exterior walls between the last week of September to the second week of October, one can stop most of the beetles from gaining entrance to the home

Are you a victim of a bedbug infiltration?  Did you know there are new and more resistant strains of bedbugs coming in from overseas and creating a new epidemic of bedbugs not seen in the U.S.A. in many years?

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