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Regarding termites, the SentroCon System is a growth regulator system which requires regular visits by the installer company.  First a clear pine stake is installed as an attractant, and then, once termites find the inserted stake within the monitor receptacle,  pre-soaked insect growth regulator (IGR) cardboard insert replaces the pine stake, and the termite workers in the wood are shaken into the monitor receptacle over the IGR insert.  These monitors(inserts) are spaced about every ten feet around the circumference of your home.  Where termites strike, the process is repeated.  As the IGR inserts are consumed, they are replaced by new ones.  The inspections become less frequent as the inserts are no longer in use.  The claim is never elimination, but severe reduction.  The possibility of a colony collapsing might then achieve complete elimination as a possibility.  There are so many pros and cons to this form of treatment.  Several negatives are that termites may not strike, or if they do, there may be only several strikes which will address a single colony but not the possibility of other colonies. Since termites pass food and water from one to another far reaching kill is likely.  There is a study being conducted by Bayer MFG that seeks to determine if there is interactivity between separate colonies.  Comparative DNA studies are part of the focus.  Termites reproduce by budding,  (reproductives, guards, and workers establishing a new colony), and by swarming of males and females that can mate and re-enter the ground to begin a new society of these creatures.

These days, there are several termiticide applications that are becoming a preference for many termite companies, and they are Premise 75, and Termidor. There are others as well. The industry still uses termiticides that kill as the application initiates and then repels termites as they attempt to reach structure from inside or from outside the home.  The newer termiticides I named are non-repellent and thus termites continue to be destroyed as they remain in proximity of the home.  It is thought that as termites pass the liquid termiticide as they do water, they are initially impacted, while the product is still binding with the soil particulate, resulting in a chain reaction destruction.  Later as termites pass through the soil particulate, they are effected upon contact, and soon die.

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