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The Bottom Line on Rats in Chicago

The Bottom Line on Rats...

The City of Chicago recognizes that Chicago has a rat problem.  But the administration does absolutely nothing that will stop it.  Not on your block, nor on anyone else’s.  The steps that the City has taken – lidded trash containers and attempts at rat abatement in alleys – are nothing more than papering over the problem.
The City also continually underestimates the scope of the problem. 

Rat Block Surveillance

There are times when neighbors have to be willing to solve rat problems together.  

We offer a neighborhood block inspection for any block within metropolitan Chicago for a nominal fee which will accurately identify the source of rat problems and how the rats arrived on the block.  

Once we identify the specific source of any rat problem(s) and if they are indeed on private property, we work with the individual property owners on a fee-for-service basis to permanently resolve these rat conditions.   

Go Green or Not too Green By 1drone

These days, everybody knows that “green” is 

I think this kind of propaganda is capturing, and classifying Americans 
as either followers, often mindless, and leaders.
Leaders attempt to discover 
and test a claim. Followers just trail blindly.


Here is a termite question that came to us. It has lots of information on termites.


Termite and Mice Professionals

We've had a couple of inspections regarding termite prevention and a possible mouse problem (living in attic).  Our home is in Virginia, and before we sign up for an expensive service, there are some quick questions:
I've heard conflicting info on termites.  Although nothing of signficance has been spotted during the inspections (one minor issue), the well-respected pros recommended the Sentricon system.  Your thoughts?

Wasps in Spring

So many people look for wasp irradiation in the Spring, not realizing that none are around and about until the first two or three weeks of warm Spring weather.  Even then, only the over wintered, fertile queens are just beginning to establish their future colonies.  People calling for wasp extermination, are calling because they are seeing past year(s) nests.  Last years wasps are expired; all but the over wintered queens.  These queens are often seen flying about looking for a location to start their future colonies.

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