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Tiny black bugs- Flea Beetles

Dear George,

I live in Nevada and have been infested with some type of tiny black bugs, They are through hout my gravel, dirt, etc, and travel over my cool decking around the edge of my pool and eventually end up in the pool. When I look at them up close they appear to look like some type of mite?? I will try to get pictures up later. Can you Please help!


What are some practical steps people can take to prevent pests?

Vinyl siding should fit snuggly at the base, or it not, use 4 to 6 inch wide section of galvanized wire lath, folded lengthwise, and slipped under separation at the
bottom so that the fold of the lath faces downward, and the entire body is pushed upward to fill in the separation.  Sometimes a screw is needed to hold lath in place.  If creating a mouse barrier, the lath alone will do the exclusion job.  If insects such as earwigs are to be excluded, low pressure foam can be introduced to fill in the lath as a proper sealing agent.

'Itch Mites' are Mysterious Bug Bit Culprit

We have passed this article to several people concerned about mysterious itch

-- 'Itch Mites' are Mysterious Bug Bit Culprit
Sept. 20, 2004

LINCOLN, Neb. -- A tiny mite, aptly called an "itch mite," is responsible for the mysterious, itchy red bites reported by a number of eastern Nebraska residents recently, University of Nebraska entomologists say.

Bed Bug Question for George

Bed Bugs Question for George Manning

I went to the dermatologist and was told I have bed bugs.  I have since torn apart my apartment and haven't found any.  The mattress have been steamed twice, curtains, I've pulled the bed apart... looked in the nightstand table, vacuumed the table out... still nothing.  I want to get rid of them naturally, if possible.  How dangerous are the pesticides.  If I go with pesticides, how long do I stay out of the apartment?  What about my clothes?  Could bed bugs live on my clothing?  I am in a panic... what do I do?


I Have Mice!

I Have Bed Bugs!

I Have Rats!